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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best File System For Windows Xp

Best File System to Format your System

While formatting process, we have to format our systems. Formatting is a process of deleting entire data on you selected drive or creating tracks and sectors. Formatting is very important process before install Operating System. Which is the best file system for formatting?

Inserting data on sectors and clusters is called file system. There are two file systems are available for windows operating systems. They are FAT32, NTFS. FAT stands for File Allocation Table and NTFS stands for Network Technology File System. FAT32 is old file system and NTFS is new file system.

NTFS is default file system for Windows NT. NTFS supports additional features than FAT. It supports more than 4 GB size files. It is secured file system and supports all networking options. So that all are formats their systems with NTFS.

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