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Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Repair A Lose AC Adapter

Power adapters, such as those used to power laptops are a great way to save the life of the battery of an electronic device. With normal wear and tear, though, these power adapters are susceptible to damage such as loose wires inside their sheathing. If power adapter is loose, it can't provide the necessary amount of electricity. Repairing a loose Laptop AC Adapter is a simple procedure that can be done at home by yourself.
Here below are the instructions:
1. Plug the adapter into the wall, and then connect it to your electronic device. Pinch your fingers and along the length of the string, and watch the LED light on it. When the light flashes, you've found the loose wire.
2. Disconnect the power adapter from the device and unplug it from the wall. Cut the power adapter that close to the damaged area in step 1 with a pair of pliers.
3. Place a piece of heat shrink tubing on one end of both halves, and drag it out of his way.
4. Strip an inch of insulation away from both ends of the cut power adapter cord with a pair of wire strippers.
5. Twist the exposed wires from one half of the power cord around the exposed wires on the other half. If it has a switching center through the two ends of the AC adapter wire, twist the two ends to secure the connection...

6. Plug in your soldering iron and wait for warmth. A small amount of solder to the twisted, son exposed to further secure the connection. Cool the area, and wrap electrical tape around it.
7. Slide the heat shrink on the tape, and heat it with a hairdryer.
8. Plug the adapter into the wall and then connect it to your electronic device. Pinch your finger along the length of the power cable, and watch the LED light to check the stability of the power cord. If the LED does not flash, the power cable is properly repaired. If the cord is still flashing,check the internal power source to the electronic device for further troubleshooting.

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