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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Have you downloaded some thesis from an online periodical and want to use some content, an image or a table from that thesis? Is the paper available in PDF form? What to do? Many people stuck in this situation when using PDF documents. But here are the possible solutions for this problem:
1. Type the Required Content Again - Some PDF files come with restriction from author's side and readers have no authority to copy or edit their content. The files can only be viewed by the readers. In this situation, there is only one option left with the reader, i.e. to type the needed content again. It is very troublesome method, as the content can be very long and may waste a full day of yours.
2. Copy & Paste the Content - This is a cost-free method and is good if you want to extract some short sentences from PDFs. In this method, you can open some PDF reader tool, select the content or image you want to use, and copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it in Word. The method is easy to apply, but has some disadvantages. When you will paste the content in Word, page layout and placement of all elements will require some adjustment and it may take more or less time, depending upon the amount of content.
3. Convert PDF to Word - Since the PDF document may contain text, tables or images or anything else all together, conversion from PDF to Word format should be the most preferred choice. Once the document gets converted into Word, the user can extract whatever he or she wants. Neither he / she will have to retype the content, nor will have to reformat the table settings, image placement or layout.
For applying this method, you need an easy-to-use PDF converter software tool. To make sure that the tool works in most efficient way, look for following features in that tool.

Good conversion quality - All the text, tables, images, etc. should be retained and the resulting document should be same as original document.
Page selection - You should be able to select only some pages from long PDF document, to be converted into Word.
Batch Conversion - You should be able to convert more than 1 PDF at a time.
When you will search in Google or Yahoo, you will find many PDF to Word Software tools in the market. Here is a recommendation for you. You can use 'Quick PDF Converter' which not only converts PDF FILES to Word, but also to other formats. It is one of the best tools for basic document conversion needs.

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  1. is there anyway one can copy a passworded pdf document without the pass word.