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Friday, April 6, 2012

How To Manage A Remote Desktop

Use of the Remote Desktop feature allows you to connect your computer (host) from another remote computer (the client). This feature allows you to access all computer resources (installed programs, data etc.). Using this feature you can also run computer applications on a remote computer as you do on your PC. This allows you to control your computer from anywhere in the world!

To activate and use this option, follow these steps :

First, notice to perform these tasks need to be at least two computers connected to the Internet. You must configure the host computer that allows users to connect remotely. On the host computer, right click on My Computer and click Properties. Remote tab, select the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" and click Apply, then OK. Now you should get an IP address from the host computer (type ipconfig / all command prompt on the host computer to find the IP address or visit a site that allows you to detect your IP) Notes and follow the steps.

Second, Now we will establish a remote connection on the client machine for this, click Start, go to All Programs> Accessories. Now select the Remote Desktop Connection. "Remote Desktop Connection dialog box will appear". Click Options, General tab, type the IP address of the host computer (you marked in the previous step) in the computer box. Then type in your user name and password from the host computer (if necessary) and click Log In to connect to remote computers. That's it. That you have shown all of the requested information (IP address, user name and password), the remote desktop window should manifest itself and you can manage the computer away from you.

Problems and solutions :
-You must pay attention to certain control of the remote computer you must have their IP address. The problem is that IP addresses are usually dynamic, and to use this feature you must have a static IP address.

-Remote Desktop only works on some versions of Windows (XP Pro and Vista Pro and others ...)

-Some software firewall blocking remote access, in this case made an exception in your firewall configuration.

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