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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To Install Driver

Ways to Installing Driver

Drivers’ installation problems also very common for new and second systems users. Maximum Second system users face this drives problem. So here I mentioned all the drives installation ways.

Totally four ways to fix drivers installation problems.

First is installing drives with original motherboard CD by using installing wizard. When you insert Motherboard CD, installing wizard will run automatically. Select what you want to install drives and start to install drives is the first way.

Second is browse motherboard CD and install drives directly. Insert motherboard CD and browse VGA, Sound, LAN directories and click setup files. If you have correct motherboard drives CD, This is also easy way to install drivers. Otherwise it is waste of time.

Third and fourth ways are using device manager. In this device manager there are two ways to install any drivers. One is install the software automatically and second is install from a list or specific location.

In first case insert motherboard CD and click next. If it is not suatible motherboard CD, then it takes long time to process. Second case is depends on your knowledge, if you know all the details about your system like VGA drivers chipset, sound drivers chipset and LAN drivers chipset, then you choose this option.

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