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Thursday, March 29, 2012


1. Problem Steps Recorder
As the local PC guru you're probably very used to friends and family asking for help with their computer problems, yet having no idea how to clearly describe what's going on. It's frustrating, but Microsoft feels your pain, and Windows 7 will include an excellent new solution in the Problem Steps Recorder.
When any app starts misbehaving under Windows 7 then all your friends need do is click Start, type PSR and press Enter, then click Start Record. If they then work through whatever they're doing then the Problem Steps Recorder will record every click and keypress, take screen grabs, and package everything up into a single zipped MHTML file when they're finished, ready for emailing to you. It's quick, easy and effective, and will save you hours of troubleshooting time.
2. Burn images
Windows 7 finally introduces a feature that other operating systems have had for years - the ability to burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs. And it couldn't be much easier to use. Just double-click the ISO image, choose the drive with the blank disc, click Burn and watch as your disc is created.
3. Create and mount VHD files
Microsoft's Virtual PC creates its virtual machine hard drives in VHD files, and Windows 7 can now mount these directly so you can access them in the host system. Click Start, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter, then click Action > Attach VHD and choose the file you'd like to mount. It will then appear as a virtual drive in Explorer and can be accessed, copied or written just like any other drive.
Click Action > Create VHD and you can now create a new virtual drive of your own (right-click it, select Initialise Disk, and after it's set up right-click the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume to set this up). Again, you'll be left with a virtual drive that behaves just like any other, where you can drag and drop files, install programs, test partitioning software or do whatever you like. But it's actually just this VHD file on your real hard drive which you can easily back up or share with others. Right-click the disk (that's the left-hand label that says "Disk 2" or whatever) and select Detach VHD to remove it.
The command line DISKPART utility has also been upgraded with tools to detach a VHD file, and an EXPAND command to increase a virtual disk's maximum size. Don't play around with this unless you know what you're doing, though - it's all too easy to trash your system.
4. Troubleshoot problems
If some part of Windows 7 is behaving strangely, and you don't know why, then click Control Panel > Find and fix problems (or 'Troubleshooting') to access the new troubleshooting packs. These are simple wizards that will resolve common problems, check your settings, clean up your system and more.
5. Startup repair
If you've downloaded Windows 7 (and even if you haven't) it's a good idea to create a system repair disc straight away in case you run into problems booting the OS later on. Click Start > Maintenance > Create a System Repair Disc, and let Windows 7 build a bootable emergency disc. If the worst does happen then it could be the only way to get your PC running again.
6. Take control
Tired of the kids installing dubious software or running applications you'd rather they left alone? AppLocker is a new Windows 7 feature that ensures users can only run the programs you specify. Don't worry, that's easier to set up than it sounds: you can create a rule to allow everything signed by a particular publisher, so choose Microsoft, say, and that one rule will let you run all signed Microsoft applications. Launch GPEDIT.MSC and go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Application Control Policies > AppLocker to get a feel for how this works.
7. Calculate more
At first glance the Windows 7 calculator looks just like Vista's version, but explore the Mode menu and you'll see powerful new Statistics and Programmer views. And if you're clueless about bitwise manipulation, then try the Options menu instead. This offers many different unit conversions (length, weight, volume and more), date calculations (how many days between two dates?), and spreadsheet-type templates to help you calculate vehicle mileage, mortgage rates and more.
Don't take any Windows 7 applet at face value, then - there are some very powerful new features hidden in the background. Be sure to explore every option in all Windows applets to ensure you don't miss anything important.
Windows 7 calculator
CALCULATE MORE: The new Calculator is packed with useful features and functionality
8. Switch to a projector
Windows 7 now provides a stand


Command Prompt Codes


Some BASIC Commands:

1. Accessibility Controls - access.cpl
2. Accessibility Wizard - accwiz
3. Add Hardware Wizard - hdwwiz.cpl
4. Add/Remove Programs - appwiz.cpl
5. Administrative Tools - control admintools
6. Automatic Updates - wuaucpl.cpl
7. Bluetooth Transfer Wizard - fsquirt
8. Calculator - calc
9. Certificate Manager - certmgr.msc
10. Character Map - charmap
11. Check Disk Utility - chkdsk
12. Clipboard Viewer - clipbrd
13. Command Prompt - cmd
14. Component Services - dcomcnfg
15. Computer Management - compmgmt.msc
16. Control Panel - control
17. Date and Time Properties - timedate.cpl
18. DDE Shares - ddeshare
19. Device Manager - devmgmt.msc
20. Direct X Troubleshooter - dxdiag
21. Disk Cleanup Utility - cleanmgr
22. Disk Defragment - dfrg.msc

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Vista tips for Printer Sharing

There may be only one pc for group of computer. And you would like to share printer for entire office or may be you want to give temporary printer access for some Windows Vista user. For this you have to do windows vista printer sharing. This Vista tips will guide you steps for printer sharing for windows vista workgroup.
To share a printer within a workgroup, enable printer sharing on the host PC (where printer cable connected). After enabling printer sharing it allow other network pc to see the shared printer. Open the windows vista Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu > Control Panel:

Then, click View Network Status and Tasks:

If printer sharing is disabled, click the button next to Printer Sharing, then Turn on Printer Sharing and click Apply:

Printer sharing is now enabled on the windows vista host computer, allowing access to the connected printers.

now go to


Windows vista guide to create shutdown and restart button

Here is vista guide for creating shortcut for shutdown and restart your windows vista. In windows vista you need few click to restart or turn of computer. Here is vista guide to create shortcuts.

Right click on desktop and select short cut as shown in photo.

Now type in "shutdown -r -t 0" at shortcut path and click NEXT:


Windows Vista guide how to use disk utility

In windows vista there is a disk utility which checks your hard disk for error, bad sectors and recover information. You can troubleshoot your hard disk in windows vista. this is useful vista guide to check your hard disk.

In order to check a disk in Windows Vista, go to my computer and select the drive you want to check right-click on the disk and choose Properties as shown in below snap.

On the Properties page, click the Tools tab and click Check Now.


In windows vista network setting menu is in the start bar by default and easily available for simple user and easy to configure.

In the start bar find Network option.
Then select “Networking and Sharing Centre”
Here you can configure network, manage settings for network, add Computers to Your Network and Repair Connections. This is simple compare to windows xp.

Networking between XP and Vista

Many time windows vista and windows xp in a same network but both machine are not able to see each other. Main reason is windows vista automatically takes name of network as “workgroup” and in windows xp default name is “mshome”. If you make sure that both computer have same network name.
You can change the network name in windows xp by right click on my computer
Choose property
Then select computer name option
Then at the bottom workgroup name give the name what ever you like and
Apply and then ok
You need to restart your windows xp system to apply changes.

To change network name in windows vista
Right click on my computer and then property
Systems many, select change setting
It will pop up computer name, change the workgroup name.
And apply and ok
Windows vista tip for network troubleshooting


vista guide for file sharing Microsoft windows vista guide for file sharing Microsoft windows vista is mostly used in network. so sharing of file and foler is vary important here is vista guide for file sharing. File sharing with Vista is handled differently too. It stops users accessing a shared folder unless there are accounts established for each user. To share files from windows vista on a network your computer need to be connected with. Now click the Network button and open the Sharing Centre. Turn On Sharing and now you are able to use Public folder to share. You can also set permission for other user to allow access for modify or change the files. One more option is available to turn of f password protection for public folder. One more problem for networking between windows vista and windows xp is - Windows Vista uses a new protocol named Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) to display computers in a network, but this protocol is not in windows xp or other windows operating system like windows 98.But for this Microsoft has release software for windows xp which must be installed on windows xp to show up vista machine on network. You can download this software for Microsoft download.

how to enable or disable WINDOWS VISTA BALLON

Disable or Enable Windows vista Balloon Tips Most of us facing problem about balloon tips in windows vista this is the irritating thing in windows vista and also windows xp.Everyone want windows vista tips to disable balloon tips.As vista balloon tips does not have any useful information. I disable that tips from the first day when I was using windows xp and now in windows vista I also disable it. Here is a tips how to disable balloon tips in windows vista. Click start and go to run. Type gpedit.msc (this is used to open group policy) and press enter. Now open User configuration, then Administrative template after that start Manu and finally Taskbar. Now choose remove balloon tips, right click with mouse and open properties. Now in option enable it and click ok. Close the gpedit and reboot the system. Congratulation you have disable your awful balloon tips in windows vista. Gpedit.msc is not available in windows vista home and premium edition’s not to worry we can do the same from registry in windows vista home and premium edition. Again go to run (windows key + R) and type regedit and press enter. Expand registry to HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> SOFTWARE > Microsoft>> Windows > Current Version>> Explorer > Advanced. Right click and create new Dword value and give name as EnableBalloonTips. Give value as 0(zero) Reboot your Windows Vista. And your work done. For more windows vista tips bookmark this blog.


Windows vista guide for virtual memory Virtual Memory is system memory that is used by windows vista and it is part of hard disk. Operating system combines computer's RAM with virtual memory on your disk. When your PC uses more RAM, virtual memory transfer data from RAM to a space the paging file also called as swap file This will free up RAM and because of this applications can run smoothly without crashes. If you don’t have high RAM by increasing the size of your virtual memory you can increase overall memory. Even if your PC has plenty of RAM available it is nice to configure paging file. Windows vista guide for virtual memory configuration. Just follow these steps: Right click on My Computer. And select Properties. Select the System tab, click on advanced system settings. This will open the advanced tab. Go to the Performance section and click on the Settings button. In the Performance Options window you will see the current size of the swap/paging file which is default configuration by windows vista. To configure virtual memory click on Change. By default, Windows Vista manages the paging file size for all your drives. To change this, first you need to deselect the checkbox from the top. If is possible to configure the paging file for each of your drives.


You can also The tool can be accessed directly by executing WINREP.EXE To find out how fast the processor is, while in Win95/98, Go to Accessories / System Tools / System Information Click on Tools Select Windows Report Tool Click on the blue Change System File Selections towards the bottom of the window This will perform a short scan of your system files Swapping the Mouse Buttons for Left Hand from the Command Line If you want to swap the mouse buttons for a left handed person, you can do this from the command line. Win9x: RUNDLL user.exe,SwapMouseButton Win2000: RUNDLL32 user32.dll,SwapMouseButton To swap it back again to a right-hand mouse, you need to run the mouse icon from the Control Panel. Using the Wheel Mouse to Control the Font Size Try using the Control key with the mouse wheel. This works a zoom function. I know you do this for Office 2k apps as well, but in IE it just works on the text, so the page stays somewhat the same. Creating a Directory That is Not Accessible From Windows To create the directory, type md, then a space, then holding down your ALT button type on number pad only 255. To access cd\ALT+255 from DOS When you try to access this from the Explorer you get an Access Denied error. Deleting the TEMP Directory at Bootup Normally your TEMP directory can fill with .tmp files, files left over from installs etc. An easy way to delete it each time you boot is to add the following lines to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file: @C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\DelTree /Y C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ Saving File Searches If you want to review the results of


vsta's WOW Effect in XP Vista's WOW Effect in xp:- 1) Vista is most famous for its 3D interface and 3D flip flop.Now U can get the same in ur XP. It allows open windows to flip and tilt in a sliding sideway stack with transparent windows effect in 3D layout. 2) Use a great freeware software to give thumbnail preview image for each task in the Windows Taskbar, as seen in the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista VisualTaskTips_21. 3) I got another tool to give 3D filp show in XP. It works with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windowns XP. 4) Visual Tooltip makes it possible to show a thumbnail of a window by putting the mouse cursor over a button of the taskbar.


Increase SATA Disk Drive Performance in Microsoft Vista. sata is equipped with dell and microsoft windows vista system. You can squeeze a more performance out of your SATA hard disk drive by enabling write caching. The price though, is an increased risk for data loss/corruption should you experienced a power loss - this risk is less in a laptop because of its battery. 1. Click on the Start Button. 2. Type "Device Manager" and hit Enter. 3. Expand Disk Drives. 4. Right-click on your hard disk drive and select Properties. 5. On the Policies tab, check Enable Advanced Performance. 6. Click OK and close Device Manager.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clean Install Windows Vista With Upgrade DVDs

Clean Install Windows Vista With Upgrade DVDs

Clean Install Windows Vista With Upgrade DVDsTraditionally, you are required to have a previous installation of Windows before you can upgrade, e.g. have Windows XP on your system before using Windows Vista Upgrade DVDs. What if you have ALREADY upgraded to Windows Vista but are having system issues that require formating and re-installing Windows? Paul Thurrot proposed this hack that lets you install a Windows Vista Upgrade, without needing to re-install Windows XP first:

Boot from the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD and begin the setup program.

When prompted to enter your product key, DO NOT enter it. Click "Next" and proceed with setup - this will install Windows Vista as a 30-day trial.

When prompted, select the edition of Windows Vista which you have purchased and continue with the setup.

Once setup has been completed and you have been brought to the desktop for the first time, run the install program from within Windows Vista.

This time, type in your product key when prompted.


windows vista vs XPThere are plenty of reasons to leave Windows XP and install Windows Vista,and below are my top 15 favorites reasons to switch to windows vista.

1. It’s the Interface, Stupid
Perhaps the best thing about Windows Vista is the most obvious: its new interface.

2. Flip Over Windows Flip 3DSwitching between open windows using Alt-Tab in previous versions of Windows was always a shot in the dark, as you never quite knew to which window you’d switch, or even which ones were open.

3. Live Thumbnails
Do you run a lot of programs and visit a lot of Web sites simultaneously? If so, you’ll appreciate Live Thumbnails. Hover your mouse over any window on the Taskbar, and a thumbnail of the window pops up, with the program and document name, or the Web site name, just above it.

Now this one is really awesome point to be considered….

4. Boost Performance
With ReadyBoostWindows Vista includes a quick way to enhance system performance: ReadyBoost. It preloads files and programs you often use into RAM so that they’re there when you want them, and you don’t have to wait for them to load from the hard disk. You can buy an inexpensive USB flash drive and use up to 4GB of cheap RAM to boost your system performance.


Tip 1: disable Autostart Programs which are not used regularly
Many software by default configured as a autostart program. This programs run at background. You can see such programs at taskbar. But some are completely running at back ground completely hidden. These programs consume memory and processing time.

By using Msconfig.exe configuration utility that comes with WinXP , you can organize the startup process and identify unnecessary programs that run automatically.
To use this utility, follow these steps:

Click on Start, and open Run, write Msconfig.exe and click enter.
On the new windows, you can observe programs list and processes that are automatically runs while Windows XP starts.
Uncheck the box of any programs that user doesn't need.
Apply the changes, and then restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Tip 2: Clean Prefetch folder periodically

It is observed that WinXP loads applications much faster than old windows operating system. WinXP achieve this by Prefetch technique, in which the windowsxp collect information about each program used and stores this information at \Windows\Prefetch folder. Now when next time user open the same application, WinXP uses the prefetched information .and due to this applications appears to load vary fast.

But this creates one problem: After a certain period, the Prefetch folder collected soo much information. This makes the windowsXP busy loading lots of applications into memory, it results in slow down boot process.
You can troubleshoot this problem by removing collected information in Prefetch folder.


Windows vista is known for graphics and gaming has most impact on it. Now windows vista have a additional game explorer right off the start Manu so you need not to find in program Manu or short cut on desktop.

I can make you sure that game performing excellent on windows vista. The game explorer can handle all the games and many more here I guide you windows vista features for game explorer.

Features in Windows Vista Guide Game Explorer:-

1. Windows vista start Manu have central launching pad for games.
2. Each game have separate icon for games to easy access.
3. Shows in detail information about each game developer and publisher
4 Date of release, Box cover art, genre and game rating.
5. By Right-clicking you can access to a menu of play tasks to customize playing options.

It also provide support section that guide you which configuration require for games, Also help section and important publisher updates.

Windows Vista Guide for game explorer problem and issue.
Windows vista does not install game into “game section” automatically. For example War Front, Titan Quest, and Half-Life 2.

If you drag icon to game section of vista it does not create a consistent icon for example Company of Heroes, or old games like X3 and Guild Wars.

Possible Solution for Windows vista Game Explorer:

The games explorer make Google image search for title, and allow the user to pick image they want. Many times a Google image search will throw the box art up on screen. Now when user satisfied with selection windows vista save image to default for game, movie, and CD art.

Windows vista slow start up proble and solution:-

Windows vista slow start up proble and solution:-Facing lots of problem for Windows Vista slow start up. This is common for new operating system.
Now many people facing problem about windows vista slow start up and windows vista takes to long even after entering password screen to boots up.

It may some time show message like Errors: AFEE32.EXE
And also find Server Busy

The possible reason and solution are

Most common reason is Trojan virus called afee32.exe = TAJEAWE.EXE .This is a backdoor Trojan. However these are just some of its files, the virus's real name is "W32 Randex". This Trojan using a port back door. You can find explanation about this virus at

Try running WINDOWS DEFENDER or Windows OneCare 1.5 to isolate the file.
Use MS Malicious Virus Removal Tool, it will remove this virus according to MS.

Now if your system is not virus infected than follow these steps

Use msconfing on run and disable unnecessary start up program.


According to Microsoft corp, computers hardware requirements for Windows Vista are classified as Vista Capable and Vista Premium Ready.

A Windows Vista (requirements)Capable or equivalent PC needs to have at minimum an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a DirectX 9 class graphics card. A computer that meets these requirements will be capable of running all editions of Windows Vista although some of the special features and high end graphics options may require additional or more advanced hardware for windows vista.

A Windows Vista Premium Ready PC will take advantage of windows Vista's "high-end" features but will need at least a 1.0 GHz processor, 1 GB main memory, and an Aero-compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB graphics memory and supporting the new Windows Display Driver Model. The company also offers Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from its website to determine the requirement of a PC to run Windows Vista in its various guises. The utility runs on Windows XP (with Service Pack 2) and Windows Vista.
Microsoft lists some Windows Vista capable hardware on their website. The "Windows Vista Premium Ready" laptops they specify have Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 or above CPUs and 1 GB memory.

Windows Vista's "Basic" and "Classic" interfaces will work with virtually any graphics hardware that supports Windows XP or 2000; accordingly, most discussion around Vista's graphics requirements centers on those for the Windows Aero interface. As of Windows Vista Beta 2, the NVIDIA GeForce FX family and later, the ATI Radeon 9500 and later, Intel's GMA 950 integrated graphics, and a handful of VIA chipsets and S3 Graphics discrete chips are supported requirements.Though some XGI Technology Volari chips were DirectX 9 (including the Volari V3XT which was available in PCI cards), with XGI's exit from the graphics card business it appears none of its chips are supported as of Windows Vista Beta 2. A PCI Express (PCIe) video card is not a requirement for Windows Aero, but Microsoft recommends PCIe video over an AGP device due to the interface's greater bandwidth. There are some PCI cards available that are compatible with Windows Vista as well.

Windows Vista system Hardware Requirements

Vista Capable

Processor 800MHz minimum requirements
Memory 512 MB
Graphics card DirectX 9 capable
HDD capacity 20 GB
HDD free space 15 GB
Other drives DVD-ROM

Windows Vista Premium Ready requirements

Processor 1.0 GMHz
Memory 1 GB minimum requirements
Graphics card DirectX 9 capable GPU with Hardware Pixel Shader v2.0 and WDDM driver support
Graphics memory 28 MB RAM supports up to 2,756,000 total pixels (e.g. 1920 × 1200) or 512 MB+ for greater resolutions such as 560x1600
HDD capacity 40 GB
HDD free space 15 GB for windows vista
Other drives DVD-RW rquirements as vista dvd options available.

Windows Vista Requirements tips Troubleshooting


Microsoft took long time to introduce windows vista and everyone waiting for windows vista for its excellent graphics features. But do you know why such excellent graphics in windows vista. It is due to DirectX 10.

You may think what is Directx ?

Directx is the main core things which make the games work. All the graphics designs are because of it. When Microsoft launched first graphic base operating system in 95 it has so many limitation due to restriction on hardware like audio device video. Thus directx made API or functions which can be used in windows vista.

How DirectX10 makes it so real?

1. In reality every point is unique. 2 points on your face is not similar.directX started because of restriction on number of unique objects that can show in Scene. But with Direct you can show 100s of unique objects. This means if you want to show 100 flowers then you need not to create one and copy it to 100 places but create 100 different flowers. That makes it more real.
2. Most of the hi-fi graphics video games look so real as Directx using technique called as geometry shaders. It adds more “triangles” in a particular point it makes them real.

Windows vista printer installation problem and troubleshooting.

Windows vista facing problem with printer installation, some may be due to printer drivers or some problem due to windows vista configuration settings.

You want to use Windows Vista and you want to be able to print to a network printer, you are going to have to use UAC. You turned it off. Turn it back on. You are using the in-built “Administrator” account? Log-out and log-in as a normal admin.
. Microsoft says you have to use UAC to get a printer installed. If you do not use it, you get this ugly message:

Windows cannot connect to the printer. The specified print monitor is unknown.”

This error message shows up is not clear, it has nothing to do with the printer you choose to use or the process you take. This particular message is displayed when trying to add a printer via the wizard:


Windows Vista Tricks Indexing Options

Windows Vista works in the background to automatically index all the files in the Start Menu, user profile folders and files setup for offline access by default. If you havemany files in these locations and the files change often, the indexing service may slow down your system's performance. Unlike Windows XP, Vista now allows you toeasily tweak the indexing service following the steps below. It is recommended that you disable indexing for the other locations other than the Start Menu for maximumperformance. Bear in mind that while this tweak speeds up your overall system performance, it will also slow you down when searching for files in those locations.This Windows Vista Troubleshooting tips also imporve windows vista speed.

-->Click on the Start Button and enter Indexing Options. Hit Enter and the Indexing Options should load.
-->Click on the Modify button, followed by Show all locations.
Scroll through the tree-view and uncheck all options except the Start Menu. Hit OK.

Note: For advanced users, you can also change other indexing options, like the file types to index, by clicking on the Advanced button.

Adjust Vista Glass Window Border

- Right click on your desktop and select Personalize.
- Click -> Windows Color and Appearance.
- Click -> Open Classic Appearance Properties
- Click -> Advanced. - Select -> Border Padding in the Items drop down box.
- Increase or decrease your border size in windows vista.
- Hit OK.
Stop Applications That Auto-start On Startup - Windows Vista Troubleshooting 2


Windows Vista is powerful operating system but if you facing some serious virus problem or due to some major failure. You need to run a recovery routine to save your system to be reformatted. You require creating windows vista recovery disk

Vista steps to create Windows Vista Recovery Disk

Before creating disk consider this points.

Consider creating a partition on your hard drive specifically for Windows Vista recovery.

Always download the latest drivers for your hardware and software prior to creating a recovery disk
Keep Windows Vista installation disk with you.
Step One
Start Windows Vista and log on to the administrator account. This will make it easier to get access to all of your most important files.
Step Two
Place a blank CD-R or DVD-R into the appropriate optical drive. There is no need to format this disk.
Step Three
Consider creating a folder on your desktop in which to place all of your most important files. This will make it easier to create a simple recovery disk later.

Blocking Device Installation In Windows Vista

These settings are located in
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Device Installation. Even you can do this from registry setting and also from windows vista group policy.

This windows vista setting allows / restricts devices from being installed on computers within your network. With this level of control you will be able to establish and enforce policy settings that can block access to USB drivers, CD-RW or DVD-RW drivers and other types of removable media.

By this you can create a policy that says whether or not you can put a USB hard drive in your machine. I can set it up so it’s only read access. Lots of corporations want people to use USB storage devices but don’t want them to take data out. Coupled with the intelligent firewall [in Vista], you can really block Internet access so machines are only used in the context and domain that you like.

Without control over the installation and use of removable devices, users can introduce viruses, worms, and other malicious applications using these media or user can steal important data.

Changing windows vista Boot Graphic

You may like the Vista boot screens. We love when that little orb appears in the middle of the screen and then the colorful login screen displays. But if you don’t like, you can actually change it slightly. During boot, behind the scenes is a boot screen that Vista techno-geeks call Aurora. The only difference between it and what you see by default is that, instead of a scrolling bar with a Vista graphic at the beginning of the process, you see a stationary picture with the text Starting Windows Vista at the bottom.

Here are the steps for vista tips to change boot screen. To enable the “Aurora” boot screen:

1. Press the + R keys in combination to open Run dialog.

3. If User Account Control prompts you to allow the action, click on Continue.
4. In the “System Configuration” window, click on the Boot tab.

Vista guide for DPI (Dots per inch) Scalings

Although these options might create some confusion it won’t take you long to get used to the new configurations for DPI scalings in Vista. You can open the Control Panel and open the Appearance and Personalization options (then select Personalize), or you can right-click in the middle of your screen and select Personalize. These settings allow you to configure most aspects of the Windows UI, including your screen background (wallpaper), screensavers, window color schemes, sounds, mouse pointers, themes, and display settings. In addition, here is where you configure your Windows Aero settings if your display adapter (video card) supports it. One of the more useful settings you can change is the Font DPI settings. If you type Adjust font size in the Search box, you will see the link for the DPI Scaling utility shown in Figure 1.6. The default scale is 96 DPI, which might be too small. The second option is 120 DPI, which many users find to be too large. If you click the Custom DPI option, however, you can use the slider to change the font size to something that suits your specific needs.

As anyone who uses an ultra-portable laptop would know, reading ultra-minimalistic weblogs with 9px-sized fonts on a high-resolution 1400×1050 display panel spanning an entire 12× is like an everyday blessing for eye-care companies. Now’s a good time to invest in the laser eye surgery business.


Each post has new windows vista tips. In this post I Explained how to recover deleted files from windows vista.
Windows vista System Restore makes it possible to roll back important system files to previous dates. But it is also possible to restore single file or documents those are deleted or modified. System restore point automatically generates everyday.

now make sure system restore is enabled. Now go to the folder where file was saved. Now right click in is and choose the tab Restore Previous Versions as shown in the figure.

It loads Folder Properties with a list of previous saved versions of the folder. As shown in the figure it has 1 restore point. If more than one vista restore point that select 1 by clicking it.

You have three options to access the old files - either Open, Copy or Restore.
• Open allows you to browse the archive of the folder from the restore date, letting you drag and drop any number of files out of the archive (probably the easiest method).
• Copy will prompt you to select a destination folder to copy all of the backup archive to. This is useful if you want to restore the entire folder to a new location.

vista guide to creat shutdown and restart button

vista guide to creat shutdown and restart button

This blog's each post have diffrent vista guide and update regularly. here are the steps for creating shutdown and restart button in windows vista.
Windows vista has quick power button to put the computer into sleep mode. But most user don’t use sleep mode. So I add this vista tips to convert sleep mode to shutdown button.
press windows + R to access run.
Type powercfg.cpl ,1
This load power options menu

Once this loads, find the “Power Buttons and Lid > Start Menu Power Button tree”. Now right click on setting and select the action as shown in the picture. Click OK once this is done:

now view your start menu of windows vista. Icon has change to power off button.

Windows vista Basic Troubleshooting Tips.

Windows Vista Tips to enable Aero Cursors.

Vista Troubleshooting tips 1
Microsoft windows vista has included new aero cursors that is not turned on by default. To troubleshooting this in vista.Follow the steps below.
:Right click on your desktop and select personalize.Click on the mouse cursors item to select a vista graphics different mouse cursor scheme.Change the scheme from none to Windows vista Aero.Click ok to see the new aero mouse cursors.

Kill Security center notification problem in Windows Vista Basic
Vista Troubleshooting tips 2:
Windows vista security center remind you all the time about anti virus. New easy way to disable the security center messages.Click on the Security Center/Windows Security Alerts logo in the system tray.Click change the way Security Center alerts me.Select I do not want notification messages from Security Center.

Use small icons size tip for Windows vista
Windows Vista Troubleshooting Tips large icon
The Windows vista icon size of the recently run programs list on the Start Menu is set to large by default. This is great if you like the large icons but it also cuts down on the number of recently run programs that can be displayed. Follow the steps below to give your Start Menu a cleaner look.
windows vista tips
disable large icons problem
Right click on the start button and select properties.
Click on the customize button.
Scroll to the bottom of the list and remove the check from use large icons.
You can now also increase the number of recently run programs in vista that are displayed to something larger than 9.
Hit ok when you are finished.

IDE or SATA Hard Drive-USB Connect them

The performance of computer systems has been steadily increasing faster processor, usb to ide sata adapter, and graphics are being developed. A key component often overlooked in improving the performance of computer systems is often the hard disk drive. Hard drive manufacturers are constantly evolving the basic hard drive interface - usb to sata adapter used in modern computer systems in the past 10 years, can be seen over the past few years, spindle speed, a larger cache, higher reliability, a number of exciting development, increasing the data transmission speed.
Drive type used in consumer-level computers is the most important exotic ATA type drive. ATA standard can be traced back to 1995, is a 16-bit parallel interface based USB 2.0 interface since the introduction of a number of the evolution of increase in the speed and drive, it can support the size of the sata to usb adapter. The latest standard is Almay - 9, support data transfer rates of up to 252MB/sec. This is expected to become the standard parallel ATA last update.
As early as in 2003, is seen as a parallel ATA standard apricot can handle it out with its limitations. With data rates hitting the 252MB/sec mark a parallel cable, you are inviting all the signals due to timing problems, EMI and other data integrity issues, so the industry leaders got together and proposed a new Known as a standard SATA. SATA has only been a few years or so, but is destined to become the "standard" due to a number of benefits in the technical skills to deal with.
Almay (Advanced Technology Attachment) - a 16-bit parallel interface used to control the computer's hard drive. Launched in 1986, it has undergone changes over the past more than 18 + years, the latest version, known as the Alma-Ata - 7. As long as a project has been called an ATA device, it is usually a parallel ATA device.


If your Mac is using the latest applications, chances are that your machine may become slow over time. If the delays on opening new apps, trying to work online or simply play a video on your Mac is becoming a pain, you may have thought about the price of a new machine and cringed.
You don't need to do it.
Instead of shelling out a couple grand on a beautiful new Mac, and you're handy with a screwdriver, you can simply upgrade the RAM in your machine or pay a professional if you're not confident.
First the bad news. If you have a MacBook Air, you will not be able to upgrade RAM. It's soldered onto the logic board and I would advise against it. (Breaking your MacBook Air defeats the purpose of trying to speed it up.)
Unibody MacBook: Remove the bottom cover to gain access to the RAM.
MacBook: If you have an older model MacBook, the RAM in these machines are located adjacent to the battery. Remove the battery and the memory door and pull on those little levers to gain access to the RAM.
Unibody MacBook Pro: Take off the bottom cover, disconnect the battery and unlock the RAM tabs.
MacBook Pro: Just take out the battery, the screws and memory door. Behold the RAM!

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is a moniker for Random Access Memory. It acts as a short-term memory much like the human brain to store a wealth of information. The RAM is accessible through the computer's brain called the CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit. RAM has the capability of being retrieved only while a computer is on. When the computer is turned off the RAM is no longer accessible. ROM chips along with BIOS (computer boot firmware) allows the RAM information to be retrievable when the computer is rebooted.
RAM size and Location on the Computer System
Most computers come equipped with 256 million bytes of RAM already on the computer. Additional RAM can be placed within the system. However, there is usually a limitation placed upon just how much RAM can be added to a computer system. RAM is not random as its name would lead one to believe. The RAM is highly controlled and the storage can be directly ascertained. There is a decisive method that RAM utilizes to make its memory available to certain areas of the computer system.
Forms for RAM
RAM is what is known as discrete microchips which means that it is separate. An additional form of RAM is modules which attach into outlets in the motherboard of the computer. A network of electrical pathways to the processor allows the connection to spark for the RAM.
Why is RAM Important

PC Repair Using The Tools Supplied With Windows

When your pc goes wrong it is usually time to pay someone to fix it, or call in a big favour from your favourite computer geek of a friend. Sometimes though it's not always necessary to fall back on these two alternatives to repair your pc. There are an abundance of tools supplied with Windows, or for free download which you may be able to use to fix your own pc.
The first thing to realise before you start looking into fixing your own pc, is that most of the time it's a software fault, and not very often hardware related, so don't break out the hammer and chisel to open up the case just yet. It's time to stop, and consider when the fault first manifested itself. Had you just installed some new software or updates to your existing software? Have you downloaded a new Internet Explorer plugin or did anything request permission to install itself while you were surfing? Have you updated a device driver or installed some new hardware?
If the answer to these questions is "Why Yes, what harm could that possibly do?" then it could be that the culprit is a conflict with the new program or update. If so, then you could try using the software's uninstall link, or the "Add/Remove Programs" section in the Control Panel (Control Panel is linked from your start menu usually). If this doesn't work, you can always bring out the big gun, and use the "System Restore" utility. This can be found in the Start > Accessories > System Tools folder. This can be extremely scary the first time you use it with all kinds of warnings and texts to read, but basically it will roll back your computer to one of the previous dates it has stored. It doesn't delete documents or emails, just removes any software installed after the date you're going to reset to.

Best PC Repairs Surrey- What can you Fix?

PC Repairs Surrey has become a massive business in the world of personal computers. Even though a good quantity of pc problems may be repaired in your own home, a Pc repair service will need to take care of the rest. The difficulties that are simple to repair are usually software or registry issues and can normally end up being fixed by getting a treatment for the issue on-line. Hardware problems, in contrast, are harder to correct as a professional PC Repairs Guildford will need to manage delicate personal computer parts. Should you be new to computers, it's imperative you contact a Pc repair technician since they are educated to handle computers. Some PC Repairs Surrey services provide their services over the telephone. Before you call a technician, ensure that you backup your personal computer to retain any kind of vital info. Where do you go for PC Repairs Surrey? If your laptop or pc breaks when you are within the U.K. you will instantly have to seek out the best PC Repairs Surrey shop within the region. Forgot about the time on Large Ben since time won't matter without your laptop or PC helping you to get your job carried out. Check out a couple of the best PC Repairs Surrey shops where you are able to get the very best technical support and people with real knowledge that can solve all kinds of computer or laptop problems.


PC repair NOWADAYS is a funny thing. There are many pc repair companies. Waht you have to look for is the ones who do a good job. As a student I regularly need my pc fixing. My Dad use to use a company in Bushey call PC trouble. They were a nationwide pc repair company. They were cheap and very good. When my computer broke in nottingham earlier this year I tried to contact them. I had a name of the engineer but I could not find the company. In the end I search for the engineer and he worked for another company. He said he would arrange for someone to fix my computer if I couldn't find anyone else. He gave me some good avice: 1. do not let engineer delete your stuff 2. do not let them sell you parts you do not need 3. do not let them over charge you for hours of work 4. do not let them reformat the pc. He said this is just a way of srewing you for more money and is very rarely needed. It is the repair of incommpetent engineers. He said think of it as an amputation rather than caring for you injury. His advice was very good but I struggled to get anyone to fix my pc. I had 3 people come out all of them wanted to reformat my PC, I told them no.

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I don't claim to be a "techie," but I assumed I might say a couple of words about upgrading software programs. For those who use software, reminiscent of Microsoft Workplace, on a regular basis, how usually should you improve to a newer model? That is dependent upon several factors, comparable to help (is your present version nonetheless supported by the software program firm?), options, and compatibility with other software applications in your computer.

I not too long ago upgraded my version of Office XP to Workplace 2003. Nonetheless, it took me a long time to make the choice to upgrade. The XP version had the entire options I assumed I needed. The packages - Phrase, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, all appeared to be working positive, and XP was still supported by Microsoft. Well, being a business particular person in an administrative profession, I need to continually update my software program expertise, and that features working with various office software program applications. As I came across on-line training courses for Phrase, Excel, etc., I began to understand that courses in XP applications were not being offered. That is actually what cinched it for me. Since upgrading, I've additionally come to like sure features in each of the programs. I am also studying Publisher, which got here with the upgraded model, and may assist me with desktop publishing projects for my clients.

Protection and Removal of Computer Viruses and Spyware

If you're someone that uses the Internet, then protection from viruses and spyware
on your computer
becomes not only something that you should have on your computer, but things that become a responsibility. Depending on what type of computer and Internet protection you have, you usually need to update it every three to five months.


1. Viruses are malicious programs made in order to disrupt your normal activities to prevent you from doing what you usually would.
2. Also when a virus or any piece of spyware may possibly enter your computer system it is harder for you to get rid of it, than it is for it to get in the first place.


1. This is a program designed to do exactly what it's named to do; spy on things you would normally do without you knowing.

Different Types of Computer Viruses

There are a multitude of different types of computer viruses; the usual suspects that come to mind are 'file infecting' viruses, Worms and Trojans. All computer viruses and even real genetic viruses that infect our bodies have one sole purpose - to replicate!

For some computer viruses this is their only mission, but often they have intent to cause severe harm and total destruction. Although some viruses are known to do little harm - they should never be deemed harmless.

File Infectors (aka a virus)

More commonly known to you as a virus, file infectors are the backbone to the majority of virus adaptations that are out there. A file infector is run or 'awoken' by an executable file (.exe) being run, either by the user or a program the user is using. Once launched, the virus begins its tasks that were given to it by the coder.

Trojans or Trojan Horses

5 Things To Do When a Computer is Infected By Virus or Spyware

How do you get rid of it when your computer is infected by virus or spyware? How do you ensure that your computer is malware and spyware free? Anyone with good security software can run a scan to capture and delete computer threats. Sounds easy enough, however, sometimes, it's not as easy as it seems. Some malicious programs are removed by using security software with up-to-date definitions, but not all. That's why some online computer repair services have virus removal as part of their offerings. Let's start from the easiest and work up to the most difficult.

Get a security software

For computers running on Windows, you can download Microsoft security essentials to handle virus attacks, and use Windows Defender as a spyware removal.
Mac users would do well with Spyware Sweeper, CounterSpyware, or spyware doctor. To remove virus threats, you can rely on BitDefender or Norton to provide superb protection.

Run a Full Scan

A full

The Way To Keep The Pc Faster

There are many reasons why should you take care of your respective computer. Number one, is that it's really a major investment for most people and you would possibly like to keep it running provided possible.

There are numerous things that can be done to help prolong lifespan of your PC, both hardware and also software wise. It's always a smart idea to keep your laptop or computer clean. A clean laptop or computer runs faster and also lasts longer. Here are a few strategies to clean and keep up with the software (your main system) on your pc.

Run the defragmenter utility, at least once every couple of months. In Windows XP this is done by gonna your Start menu, then All Applications, Accessories, System Tools, then select Drive Defragmenter. The defragmenter will help keep your files are located on the right place on the hard drive and really should boost the overall speed of your respective computer.

Remove old data files. When you install or uninstall software often it could possibly leave many excess files in short-lived and system folders. In Windows XP, you should manage the Disk Cleaning utility once and also a while to thoroughly clean things up. This utility is found by clicking the beginning menu, then All Software programs Accessories, System Tools, then select Hard disk drive Cleanup

Scan your pc with regard to viruses. Trojans can cause your personal computer to be slow or not act on all. You should have a good computer virus scanner installed and continue to date. Some well regarded virus scanners are Norton, McAfee, and AVG.

How to perform a complete PC Diagnostics?

A PC is very helpful and source of performing thousands of useful tasks in today�s date. Without a PC or a computer we cannot imagine life at all today. Every field such as IT, medical, engineering, education, research and development, agricultures, railways, airlines and many more are completely dependent on a computer machine. However like with every electronic machine a computer or a PC have also its own flaws in it such as poor performance, virus infection, failure in middle of any operation etc. Thus to keep our PC fit and error and problem free a regular PC checkup or PC diagnostics is needed so that it can perform its desired task without any interruption. I have just tried to mentioned few important things in order to perform and complete and good PC diagnostics.

What is a PC diagnostics?
A PC checkup or examining a PC thoroughly is the PC diagnostics. However the degree of examining a PC depends how thorough you examine a PC? Running few tests and using few windows tools does not make a complete diagnostics report at all. Once you diagnose the problem or issue it becomes easier for you to get the issue fixed anyhow. Otherwise one may keep on trying but do not get anything at all. There are various tools and computer programs are available nowadays in the market that help us to fix or diagnose our PC related issues but be aware about authenticity of these programs prior to using them.

Stubborn Computer Issues and PC Repair Tools

A computer doesn't have life unless there is some kind of computer technical support associated. The discipline is as old as the evolution of technology and computer. In early days, you used to get PC repaired by local technicians at home or office or by driving way to PC Repair shop. Things were quite slow, and often you have to leave your valuable data and devices at the mercy of reckless shop owners. Past few years witnessed a revolution in the tech support horizon, and the credit goes to the advent of remote sensing technology. What was considered a tedious job has become a simple and easy. Manufacturers, developers and independent players of customer service all are trying to make maximum of the technology to woo more and more customers and ultimately revenues. But this is win-win situation for all; there is no one to lose.

There is no exaggeration in saying that Microsoft holds the major share of software market. From Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Live, Xbox and Games, Security Essentials, to Windows Phone, etc. it is ruling the world of computer. This enormity brings responsibility as well, and fortunately the Microsoft Support is taking the task seriously. Apart from email support and phone support it puts emphasis on self-troubleshooting, and benevolently widens its knowledgebase related to respective product's version. The panel has been successfully categorized under different product-lines, and below you will find tabs as: common solution, helpful resources and need more help sections. This is not enough, you can make use of Microsoft Fix It tool to detect and fix frequent issues with different products.

To let you fix computer issues, Windows series holds a rich source of repair and maintenance tools. To keep the memory system in sound condition, make use of Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter..


Now have access to home computers, computer use and maintenance of a major event in the family work, for example, to protect your computer, to extend the life of the computer must be dust-proof machine to do, Anti-high temperature, magnetically shielded, moisture, anti-static and shock.

Computer should be placed in the clean room, to avoid too much dust on the negative impact of various computer accessories; computer should retain enough heat around the room, do not pile up debris; computer not to smoke during the work, smoke damage on the computer also can not be underestimated;

Do not have a strong magnetic field around the computer, Speaker Try not to put monitors in the vicinity, do not Disk, Credit cards and Fanka so to avoid being placed above the magnetic speaker;

Do not Computer desk Place the cup, not to put the host, display, Keyboard Above, computer fear of water, do not believe you asked it, huh, huh; computer work, do not carry the main chassis or subject it to shock, the main shock can not be brought to the hard disk; computer if not used for long, should be cut off Power supply However, periodically switched to look, get rid of the moisture within.

In addition, the more important point is that we should do clean regularly to the computer.

1. In connection IDE devices should follow the principle of the relative red, so that the power line and data line the edge of the red line of the relative, but it will not burn out due to hardware interpolation.

2. In the installation of hardware devices, not if the interface has been inserted into, should check whether the direction of the connection interface to plug counter, is misplaced, because the connection can not be inserted wrong interface.


Forgot XP password - For users who use XP OS lost XP password, they will have to find out solutions to change XP password. Now, there will be some tips collected to help break Windows
XP passcode!

Tips 1: Win XP Password Reset Disk to Help Recover Lost XP Password
Note:This will only be available before forgotten Windows XP passcode.
Creating a Windows XP passcode recovery disk is the easiest and most convenient way to help us reset XP passcode While, it is always the most unfamiliar method for Windows XP PC computer users. Now, if you have set your XP username and password account, please do as the following steps to create a recovery disk, which will help you later or earlier.
A. Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Select the user that needed to set a disk.
B. Choose "Prevent a forgotten password" on the left of Related Tasks.
C. Prepare a blank floppy disk and then do the following operation as the Forgotten Password Wizard.
D. When the progress indicator displays 100% complete, click "Next" and then Finish.
E. Remove the floppy disk from PC and keep it.
Then, whoever owns the created disk, he/she can access your account and own the account right to do something. Of course, you can recover lost XP passcode with the disk!

Tips 2: Login XP with Default Administrator from Safe Mode
In Safe Mode, we can logon with the built-in Administrator user account and reset lost password with this account if we didn't change its password or can access it.

Will Windows 7 Kill Windows xp

Will Windows 7 Kill Windows xp? by Linky Wu

7 is the hottest topic on the internet now. So I can’t help writing another article about it. Does windows 7 reach a goal that vista cannot, although Bill Gates thought it would? Besides, where is windows xp’s future?

Windows 7 was officially available to the public in October of 2009, which is the latest public release version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft is hoping it can avoid the negative press that surrounded the launch of Vista, almost three years ago. Compared with Windows XP, do you think Windows 7 is better than Windows XP?

With the launch of Windows XP in 2001, we thought we were poised on a brink of a new world of NT-based goodness. So many people have been big fans of XP for a long time even though the new Windows 7 has released. According to a survey, the reason is that they think Windows XP is still the best choice for an operating system. Sure Windows 7 and Vista look nicer, but in terms of performance, they think XP is the one to go with on average. But it is a real fact : Windows 7 is simply the best version of Windows you can get.

Windows 7’s advantage