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Monday, April 16, 2012

Why YOu Should Upgrade Your Ram

Like human have souls, similarly computers do have the souls as well in guise of computer memory that comes in three forms named Random Access Memory or RAM, the Read Only Memory or ROM and the hard disk memory. With the continuous and constant development in technology, computer memory is also undergoing constant up-gradations.
However, proper and effective functionality of computer completely depends upon the size of its memory i.e. be it RAM, ROM or hard drive. In the earlier days of computer, even 640K of memory was sufficient for a computer user but as time changed the needs and requirements as well as the usage of computer also changed. Today, even a gigabyte of RAM is not enough to run the applications and store other important data and documents. So to fulfill the expectations of computer users, various technical companies have started manufacturing high-end RAM such as 512mb Pc2100 DDR 266mhz Sodimm memory and Cl2 5 Pc2100 DDR 266mhz memory.
Moreover, before installing updated RAM on your computer or laptop, it is quite important to keep in mind some vital points to choose the best so as to avoid any kind of future issue or problem. Random Access Memory or commonly known as RAM is a form of temporary data storage and DRAM and SRAM are its two main types. DRAM that is Dynamic RAM is the most commonly opted type of RAM due to its low cost whereas SRAM, Static RAM does not require being constantly refreshed. Still, with this continuous updation of RAM, choosing the mostcompatible RAM form and size for computer has become difficult.
As few of these devices are costly so it is sometimes impossible for small business houses and individuals such as students to update their computers with these devices. In such cases, they can use the 128mb DDR Pc2700 that is comparatively less costly.
Therefore, when it comes to buy the updated RAM or ROM for your computer or laptop, do not forget to keep in mind the following points:
  • The memory should be DDR2 or DDR3. For example 512mb Pc2100 DDR So Dimm
  •  Check memory compatibility with your system’s motherboard
  • Compare memory module specs and prices Once you have checked all three aforementioned points
 it’s time to crack the deal. Besides various outlets, you can also get the best deal to purchase the same from several online shopping portals. So, keep computing!!!

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