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Friday, April 6, 2012


The latter is a group of electronic components designed to perform a specific function. For example, a modem chipset is dedicated to receiving and transmitting data. In a PC, the chipset of the CPU includes the central microprocessor (eg Intel Pentium circuit), and electronic interfaces with all devices that will communicate with the CPU clock, memory controllers, bus, peripherals etc. 

It is an integrated circuit, which has the burden of memory management, input-output at the lowest level of operation of the computer. Intel has been a specialist chipsets attached to its processors, but other manufacturers also make as SIS. Where is the PC? A chipset for PC is on the motherboard (or mainboard motherboard). It is specifically designed for a type of microprocessor and plays an important role in the flexibility of the exchange of a single card. The overall performance of the computer thus depend largely on chipsets and that of the microprocessor . 

What is its role? Its role is to manage the flow of digital data between the microprocessor and the various components and subassemblies of components of the card mother, bus computer memory (RAM), direct memory access (DMA), Bus IDE or Serial ATA, PCI, AGP, hard disk, network, serial port , parallel port, USB , FireWire, keyboard, mouse , O , graphics card , sound card, Hyper-Threading, Front side bus, floppy drive and the input-output in general. Some chipsets may include a graphics chip or sound chip (it says Built-in ), which means it is not necessary to install a graphics card or sound card. However, it is sometimes advisable to disable them (where possible) in the BIOS setup and install expansion cards of quality in areas designated for that purpose. (The AGP bus to the graphics card and the PCI bus to the sound card) The Northbridge and Southbridge chipset is not usually consists of a single circuit, but for the older 8 and 2 in the modern circuits (Northbridge and Southbridge). 

Basically, the Northbridge is the link between the processor and memory, while the Southbridge handles the input / output (PCI and AGP, ...). All current manufacturers (VIA, NVIDIA and INTEL ULI) use the same principle: a northbridge tailored to each processor model linked to southbridges interchangeable depending on the level of desired devices. This solution does not develop a single circuit when changing the characteristic of a processor. Similarly, this solution enables the manufacture of motherboards from different ranges using different models of Southbridge.

The chipsets are the essential components of a motherboard. That is why it is important to choose a motherboard with integrated chipset recent opportunities to maximize scalability of the computer. Note that the manufacturer of the chipset may be different from the motherboard manufacturer or the microprocessor but must be compatible.

For a complete list of PC chipsets, see in google . In conclusion, the chipset of a motherboard can control the exchange of information. It is often made ​​(decomposed) of two electronic components (elements), the Northbridge and Southbridge. The northbridge manages exchanges between processor, memory and video memory, and the southbridge which manages the interaction between input / output.

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