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Friday, April 6, 2012

How Fast a Connection with WiFi / Wireless

Internet connection speed is very desirable to allow any person, especially if you often download / upload. If you maintain your broadband connection speed may not be a problem, but how do you do with wifi internet access / wireless. Internet access via wireless / wifi does have many flaws, some problems that arise access to the access point is weak, the connection is often interrupted and cut off again, sometimes even show a connection beyond the reach of the wireless signal. Here are some tips to speed wifi connection / wireless, there are some rules that need to be applied to speed WiFi connection.

The first location of a wireless transmitter you are in the middle of the range. This is important, when the transmitter is placed in the middle of the range, the signal will be divided equally to all devices connected to a central Access Point. Also, avoid placing too well as a wireless transmitter to the outside wall facing the outside area of ​​use, is to reduce the risk of invasion by the user of the wireless signal outside. Need to be considered to speed up wifi connection: Position Transmitter Range waves sent by wireless transmission to be issued in accordance radius plow supported by the frequency of the wave. It thus becomes very important in wireless connection speed up efforts to organize your WiFi antenna in a vertical position and not on a sloping or horizontal position.

You can also modify the antenna on the wireless transmission device with the use of wireless antenna types are fairly high-gain transmitting sound in one direction only. Put the transmitter in height If you look at areas such as Cafe, Airport or public use of the Internet wireless antenna placed as high as possible and closest to the roof building, antenna height can assist in optimizing the reach of the waves. Keep the antenna is not placed in a confined space such as in lamari and shelves.

Avoid Interfering Signal Equipment Can Avoid placing wireless antennas located near equipment that has a high frequency such as television, wireless telephone (cordless-phones), microwave oven and iron tools, glass and equipment that use a lot of electrical energy such as refrigerators. because the equipment can reduce or block the wave range. Therefore, these devices are encouraged to put a little distance from the transmitter antenna wireless configuration

If all else speed up wifi internet connection has been attempted but the capacity of a wireless access point is still not satisfactory, the user is encouraged to update the firmware to configure their own transmitter and the transmitter (such as adding a signal amplifier channel conversion WiFi / WiFi Booster (TX-boost).

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