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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easy Steps On Downloading & Updating Drivers

How to download drivers who discussed this time Easy Learn Computer arguably very easy and very complete and very fast in the search for the driver, either VGA driver, chipset, soundcard, Card Reader, USB devices, modems, Lancard, Wifi, Laptop Driver, and others-other.

Here's How To Download All Drivers and Laptop Computers:
1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties. If the desktop does not exist My Computer, open Windows Explorer and right click on My Computer and select Properties.

2. Click on Hardware then select Device Manager

3. Once Device Manager opens, select one of the drivers who have not been installed, which is marked with a yellow question mark. Then right click on one of them for example Ethernet Controller (Lan Card), select Properties.

4. After that, came the Properties window of the device. Select the Details tab trus Click ID device. Then copy the ID of the device by pressing Ctrl + C.

5. Then, open the site, trus device ID paste the copied earlier in the "Enter Device Id". Then click "OK".

6. Next will come some driver options we want. Then select one. Then click the Download / Download.

7. Then download the driver by clicking jamming drivers that are on the line "FILE"

Similarly, discussion time on Easy Download All Drivers and Laptop Computers.
Good luck and good luck ....

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