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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Is Cmos?

Full Details About CMOS

My blog is getting so many keywords related to CMOS BIOS. So I want to give full details about CMOS. Lot of users are trying to know all details about CMOS. So this article is about CMOS and its functions.

CMOS full form is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Which is one of the very important chip on Motherboard and it has predefined software. This software checks all the devices connected to Motherboard when system starts and it maintains the Date and Time.

There are three CMOS BIOS companies. They are Award, AMI and Phoenix. Award and AMI chips will see on old Motherboards like P-III or P-IV systems. Phoenix chip will see all latest motherboards. 

Main menu of Phoenix bios gives you full information about your system, Such as bios version, processor type, processor specifications, RAM capacity, language information, Date and Time.  

In Advanced Menu, there are totally 9 sub menus. In these sub menus, we must know about drive configuration menu only. This menu is useful to detected status of hard disk drives and CD or DVD drives. In this drive configuration menu, there is a “use automatic mode” option. If your hard disk is SATA, then enable this option always.

Third menu is security menu. In this security menu we have two security options. They are user password and supervisor password to secure your system and bios. Removing the password is very easy. So this is not the security for your PC. To remove the password, reset the CMOS BIOS or remove battery and power card for 2mins and reinsert the battery.

And finally Boot menu is important for changing boot devices. In this boot type, there are two options to choose first and second devices. They are normal and advanced options. In normal mode you have to select first and second boot devices. And advanced mode you don’t have a chance to select boot devices. This is default option.

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