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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Windows vista is known for graphics and gaming has most impact on it. Now windows vista have a additional game explorer right off the start Manu so you need not to find in program Manu or short cut on desktop.

I can make you sure that game performing excellent on windows vista. The game explorer can handle all the games and many more here I guide you windows vista features for game explorer.

Features in Windows Vista Guide Game Explorer:-

1. Windows vista start Manu have central launching pad for games.
2. Each game have separate icon for games to easy access.
3. Shows in detail information about each game developer and publisher
4 Date of release, Box cover art, genre and game rating.
5. By Right-clicking you can access to a menu of play tasks to customize playing options.

It also provide support section that guide you which configuration require for games, Also help section and important publisher updates.

Windows Vista Guide for game explorer problem and issue.
Windows vista does not install game into “game section” automatically. For example War Front, Titan Quest, and Half-Life 2.

If you drag icon to game section of vista it does not create a consistent icon for example Company of Heroes, or old games like X3 and Guild Wars.

Possible Solution for Windows vista Game Explorer:

The games explorer make Google image search for title, and allow the user to pick image they want. Many times a Google image search will throw the box art up on screen. Now when user satisfied with selection windows vista save image to default for game, movie, and CD art.

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