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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Now have access to home computers, computer use and maintenance of a major event in the family work, for example, to protect your computer, to extend the life of the computer must be dust-proof machine to do, Anti-high temperature, magnetically shielded, moisture, anti-static and shock.

Computer should be placed in the clean room, to avoid too much dust on the negative impact of various computer accessories; computer should retain enough heat around the room, do not pile up debris; computer not to smoke during the work, smoke damage on the computer also can not be underestimated;

Do not have a strong magnetic field around the computer, Speaker Try not to put monitors in the vicinity, do not Disk, Credit cards and Fanka so to avoid being placed above the magnetic speaker;

Do not Computer desk Place the cup, not to put the host, display, Keyboard Above, computer fear of water, do not believe you asked it, huh, huh; computer work, do not carry the main chassis or subject it to shock, the main shock can not be brought to the hard disk; computer if not used for long, should be cut off Power supply However, periodically switched to look, get rid of the moisture within.

In addition, the more important point is that we should do clean regularly to the computer.

1. In connection IDE devices should follow the principle of the relative red, so that the power line and data line the edge of the red line of the relative, but it will not burn out due to hardware interpolation.

2. In the installation of hardware devices, not if the interface has been inserted into, should check whether the direction of the connection interface to plug counter, is misplaced, because the connection can not be inserted wrong interface.

3. According to PC99 specifications, motherboard
manufacturers in the interface are labeled with the corresponding colors, respectively Mouse, Keyboard, speaker wire connector that corresponds to the color, so user-friendly plug.

4. When you want to open the case panel to the mainframe hardware maintenance repair. Should turn the power off, and hand on the wall or water pipes for a while, to let go of its own static.

5. Hardware interrupt conflicts will lead to a black screen, when changing the graphics card, memory, still can not light up the machine, may consider replacing the slot position.

6. In the re-install the video drivers or re-swappable cards, should be re-set the monitor refresh rate, or refresh rate may be due to an error cards automatically set to "optimize" (harmful to eyes 50MHz).

7. CPU fan is installed, the last use of pliers and other tools supporting the installation, it can control the intensity and direction.

8. The face of a black screen caused excessive overclocking failure, we can change the motherboard in the CMOS jumper for BIOS back to factory state.

9. Installation of all hardware should be sufficient to avoid the PCB, metal spikes caused by injury, pay attention to the direction of his hand.

10.USB device not only after plugging in the stand up, so easy to damage USB interface, the physical deformation occurred.

11. The dust caused by the graphics card, memory cheat oxide failure, we applied alcohol cleaning stained rubber or cotton, so you do not black up.

12. When the host panel on the hard disk light is flashing, do not restart the computer, so easy to create bad sectors hard disk partition table, or result in an error.

13. Optical drive, hard disk, floppy drive, recorders and other hardware devices must be installed on the foot screws, screws on the stability, in order to avoid read the disk or other adverse effects of vibration on the hardware.

14. When only need to install a memory, and CPU socket should be the preferred approach of the memory socket, so the advantage is: when the memory is out of CPU fan can be clean after the dust pollution, while the socket has been contaminated very difficult to clean.

15. Clean the disc and the display screen, never use alcohol, use only the lens paper and flannel.

16. Reclaim disk drive when the drive is available on the panel as needle acupuncture large holes, could be forced back plate.

17. On the display base, when the installation can invert the display, so loaded up easily and effectively.

18. When the display after use has been difficult to remove the dirt, may be contaminated parts of your mouth against Kazakhstan and heat, followed with the use of cloth to wipe clean and obvious effect.

19. The interior of messy data cable, power cord or rubber band ligation wire can be tied up, it will not only give people the feeling clean, but also convenient for the host Heat.

20. Optical Mouse Do not use in bright light conditions, and do not in the reflection rate of the mouse pad to use.

21. CPU cooling fan installed three-pin power connector should be connected interfaces on the motherboard CPU fan, so in the BIOS in order to detect and display the fan speed.

22. Handsets do not put speakers next to the monitor or as text messages or calls, it will interfere with the work of speakers and CRT monitors, and display the ripple noise issue.

23. Computer use for a long time, at least a quarter of cleaning and maintenance should look inside the system, on the CRT display to a degaussing.

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