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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Protection and Removal of Computer Viruses and Spyware

If you're someone that uses the Internet, then protection from viruses and spyware
on your computer
becomes not only something that you should have on your computer, but things that become a responsibility. Depending on what type of computer and Internet protection you have, you usually need to update it every three to five months.


1. Viruses are malicious programs made in order to disrupt your normal activities to prevent you from doing what you usually would.
2. Also when a virus or any piece of spyware may possibly enter your computer system it is harder for you to get rid of it, than it is for it to get in the first place.


1. This is a program designed to do exactly what it's named to do; spy on things you would normally do without you knowing.

2. These horrible programs may enter in a third party type of way; this basically means that it will attach itself to something entering in an area of activity.
3. In whichever way they enter they cause annoyance, headaches, and terrible frustration.

Signs that your computer is suffering an infection from a piece of spyware or a virus:

1. Your computer will start acting suspicious of every site you may go to online.
2. If you are not online your computer will simply start doing very odd things that it usually would not.
3. You will start noticing that files that you have saved on your computer may start to randomly disappear.
4. Your computer may freeze.
5. Your system may possibly start crashing or collapsing quite frequently.
6. Your computers hardware space may start to disappear.
7. You will start to notice that your computer will start to take longer to boot up every time you go on it.
8. Very strange popup windows will start to appear.
9. Also, if you delete certain programs they may possibly return back into your system.

Here are five very important steps that depending on what type of virus or spyware may or may not help remove these two programs:

1. Have backup on your important files so in case your system is disrupted you do not lose them, but you must remember to scan these files first.
2. Scan your system especially your hardware and update your virus and spyware protection.
3. For the spyware, there are many different sites that you can go to and download the programs in order to block anyone or anything that tries to offend your system.
4. If you download any games or utilities that you got online for free, you must reinstall and install once again to make sure that nothing has entered your system.
5. Make sure that you keep your antivirus and spyware protection
up to date.

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