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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stubborn Computer Issues and PC Repair Tools

A computer doesn't have life unless there is some kind of computer technical support associated. The discipline is as old as the evolution of technology and computer. In early days, you used to get PC repaired by local technicians at home or office or by driving way to PC Repair shop. Things were quite slow, and often you have to leave your valuable data and devices at the mercy of reckless shop owners. Past few years witnessed a revolution in the tech support horizon, and the credit goes to the advent of remote sensing technology. What was considered a tedious job has become a simple and easy. Manufacturers, developers and independent players of customer service all are trying to make maximum of the technology to woo more and more customers and ultimately revenues. But this is win-win situation for all; there is no one to lose.

There is no exaggeration in saying that Microsoft holds the major share of software market. From Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Live, Xbox and Games, Security Essentials, to Windows Phone, etc. it is ruling the world of computer. This enormity brings responsibility as well, and fortunately the Microsoft Support is taking the task seriously. Apart from email support and phone support it puts emphasis on self-troubleshooting, and benevolently widens its knowledgebase related to respective product's version. The panel has been successfully categorized under different product-lines, and below you will find tabs as: common solution, helpful resources and need more help sections. This is not enough, you can make use of Microsoft Fix It tool to detect and fix frequent issues with different products.

To let you fix computer issues, Windows series holds a rich source of repair and maintenance tools. To keep the memory system in sound condition, make use of Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter..
tools that are placed in the Control Panel. Disk Defragmenter will create an extra space by merging fragmented files and folders. Disk Cleanup is the perfect error checking utility to detect and fix bad sectors on your machine that slows down the system
performance. Windows Live OneCare or Microsoft Security Essentials is to clear off viruses and malware from your system. Business can deploy and manage the security of their server using Microsoft Forefront. It comes in different variants as per the task. Temporary Internet files, extra program files, such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets, and Windows temporary files should be removed on regular basis.

Make use of third-party registry and PC optimization tools, if you are not in a comfortable zone in terms of expertise. It automatically performs all tasks that have been discussed above. Abolishing Windows Update and showing apathy towards updating drivers and software can cost you much. Getting the protection of third-party antivirus software is good, but don't get obsessed; one is enough, additional will give birth to software conflicts, and suck the system resources only. Virtualizing the memory system, disabling extra visual effects, removing unwanted programs, are other areas, where you can amend change in settings.

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