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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Vista tips for Printer Sharing

There may be only one pc for group of computer. And you would like to share printer for entire office or may be you want to give temporary printer access for some Windows Vista user. For this you have to do windows vista printer sharing. This Vista tips will guide you steps for printer sharing for windows vista workgroup.
To share a printer within a workgroup, enable printer sharing on the host PC (where printer cable connected). After enabling printer sharing it allow other network pc to see the shared printer. Open the windows vista Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu > Control Panel:

Then, click View Network Status and Tasks:

If printer sharing is disabled, click the button next to Printer Sharing, then Turn on Printer Sharing and click Apply:

Printer sharing is now enabled on the windows vista host computer, allowing access to the connected printers.

now go to
the pc where you want to share your printer, now go to network neighborhood and find the pc where printer is connected. Once you have found the shared printer you wish to use, right click on it and select Connect

Sometime it asks for username and password from host computer to allow access for other computer. Enter username and password for windows vista. Now vista install required driver and add access to the shared printer.
Windows Vista should now install the required drivers and add access to the shared printer, allowing you to print from any application.
This Windows vista tips for printer sharing work on workgroup base Network.

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