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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


PC repair NOWADAYS is a funny thing. There are many pc repair companies. Waht you have to look for is the ones who do a good job. As a student I regularly need my pc fixing. My Dad use to use a company in Bushey call PC trouble. They were a nationwide pc repair company. They were cheap and very good. When my computer broke in nottingham earlier this year I tried to contact them. I had a name of the engineer but I could not find the company. In the end I search for the engineer and he worked for another company. He said he would arrange for someone to fix my computer if I couldn't find anyone else. He gave me some good avice: 1. do not let engineer delete your stuff 2. do not let them sell you parts you do not need 3. do not let them over charge you for hours of work 4. do not let them reformat the pc. He said this is just a way of srewing you for more money and is very rarely needed. It is the repair of incommpetent engineers. He said think of it as an amputation rather than caring for you injury. His advice was very good but I struggled to get anyone to fix my pc. I had 3 people come out all of them wanted to reformat my PC, I told them no.
They didn't like it. In the end I phoned the call from the old PC Trouble business I said I took your advice and no one thinks they can fix it. I asked him what should I do. I apologised for keep bothering him and asked for help. The guy agreed that he would travel from London to Nottingham to fix my pc and he did. It cost me �47 the guy was a genius I offered to pay for his petrol but he refused he told me he did it cos my dad was a former customer and he felt he had let us down by closing the company. Why do I mention it now. Last week this guy sent me a letter he said that I had inspired him to restart his old company and that he had got together with some engineers to set up a code of conduct. He said they had restarted under the brand.

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