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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Changing windows vista Boot Graphic

You may like the Vista boot screens. We love when that little orb appears in the middle of the screen and then the colorful login screen displays. But if you don’t like, you can actually change it slightly. During boot, behind the scenes is a boot screen that Vista techno-geeks call Aurora. The only difference between it and what you see by default is that, instead of a scrolling bar with a Vista graphic at the beginning of the process, you see a stationary picture with the text Starting Windows Vista at the bottom.

Here are the steps for vista tips to change boot screen. To enable the “Aurora” boot screen:

1. Press the + R keys in combination to open Run dialog.

3. If User Account Control prompts you to allow the action, click on Continue.
4. In the “System Configuration” window, click on the Boot tab.

5. Select your Windows Vista installation and under Boot options, check No GUI boot.
6. Press OK.
7. In the dialog that appears, check “Don’t show this message again”, and then click on Restart.
8. Your computer will now reboot, and you will see the “aurora” boot screen with text that says “Starting Windows Vista.” And if you really like the Aurora boot screen you should also try out the Aurora screensaver.

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