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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to perform a complete PC Diagnostics?

A PC is very helpful and source of performing thousands of useful tasks in today�s date. Without a PC or a computer we cannot imagine life at all today. Every field such as IT, medical, engineering, education, research and development, agricultures, railways, airlines and many more are completely dependent on a computer machine. However like with every electronic machine a computer or a PC have also its own flaws in it such as poor performance, virus infection, failure in middle of any operation etc. Thus to keep our PC fit and error and problem free a regular PC checkup or PC diagnostics is needed so that it can perform its desired task without any interruption. I have just tried to mentioned few important things in order to perform and complete and good PC diagnostics.

What is a PC diagnostics?
A PC checkup or examining a PC thoroughly is the PC diagnostics. However the degree of examining a PC depends how thorough you examine a PC? Running few tests and using few windows tools does not make a complete diagnostics report at all. Once you diagnose the problem or issue it becomes easier for you to get the issue fixed anyhow. Otherwise one may keep on trying but do not get anything at all. There are various tools and computer programs are available nowadays in the market that help us to fix or diagnose our PC related issues but be aware about authenticity of these programs prior to using them.

What is the best way to perform a good PC diagnostics?
To start for a good PC diagnostics is to go with windows in built features and utilities. Windows all versions now are full of great tools and features. They are very much helpful to diagnose a problem in a PC. So start from windows built in tools to diagnose and later try using any other application to run. There are utilities that can repair system files, bad drivers and can clear windows temporary files etc.

What are the factors/ tools helpful in order to perform a good PC diagnostics?
As I have said above that to diagnose an issue before using any application to fix the issue is the best practice in order to perform and complete pc diagnostics. In this sequence a great windows repository or tool that comes in light is windows event viewer. This is the tool where we can see all the issues or errors have been stored in a tabular form and they give us great details about any issue or problem has been found in any PC. So start with windows event viewer and this would make our task very easy that is to diagnose the issue perfectly well and professional manner. After this I also advocate using built in features of Microsoft�s windows. These utilities and tools are of great usage and can resolve any issue finds in a PC. If this does not help you may now go for any third party computer cleaner or PC diagnostics tool.

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