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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Microsoft took long time to introduce windows vista and everyone waiting for windows vista for its excellent graphics features. But do you know why such excellent graphics in windows vista. It is due to DirectX 10.

You may think what is Directx ?

Directx is the main core things which make the games work. All the graphics designs are because of it. When Microsoft launched first graphic base operating system in 95 it has so many limitation due to restriction on hardware like audio device video. Thus directx made API or functions which can be used in windows vista.

How DirectX10 makes it so real?

1. In reality every point is unique. 2 points on your face is not similar.directX started because of restriction on number of unique objects that can show in Scene. But with Direct you can show 100s of unique objects. This means if you want to show 100 flowers then you need not to create one and copy it to 100 places but create 100 different flowers. That makes it more real.
2. Most of the hi-fi graphics video games look so real as Directx using technique called as geometry shaders. It adds more “triangles” in a particular point it makes them real.

Can this high graphics make my CPU slow and system crash?
If you have separate graphics card with high memory then this is absolutely fine. As Directx will transfer the load on to the graphics card and your CPU can handle other systems operations.

So before upgrading to windows vista you must check the hardware configuration of your system .I guess this Windows Vista Guides will help you.

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