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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IDE or SATA Hard Drive-USB Connect them

The performance of computer systems has been steadily increasing faster processor, usb to ide sata adapter, and graphics are being developed. A key component often overlooked in improving the performance of computer systems is often the hard disk drive. Hard drive manufacturers are constantly evolving the basic hard drive interface - usb to sata adapter used in modern computer systems in the past 10 years, can be seen over the past few years, spindle speed, a larger cache, higher reliability, a number of exciting development, increasing the data transmission speed.
Drive type used in consumer-level computers is the most important exotic ATA type drive. ATA standard can be traced back to 1995, is a 16-bit parallel interface based USB 2.0 interface since the introduction of a number of the evolution of increase in the speed and drive, it can support the size of the sata to usb adapter. The latest standard is Almay - 9, support data transfer rates of up to 252MB/sec. This is expected to become the standard parallel ATA last update.
As early as in 2003, is seen as a parallel ATA standard apricot can handle it out with its limitations. With data rates hitting the 252MB/sec mark a parallel cable, you are inviting all the signals due to timing problems, EMI and other data integrity issues, so the industry leaders got together and proposed a new Known as a standard SATA. SATA has only been a few years or so, but is destined to become the "standard" due to a number of benefits in the technical skills to deal with.
Almay (Advanced Technology Attachment) - a 16-bit parallel interface used to control the computer's hard drive. Launched in 1986, it has undergone changes over the past more than 18 + years, the latest version, known as the Alma-Ata - 7. As long as a project has been called an ATA device, it is usually a parallel ATA device.

SATA drives are easy to distinguish from their cousins in Almay by the different data and power connections found on the drive back. A side by side comparison of the two interfaces can be seen in this PDF Maxtor, the following, including many different places...
The standard IDE interface drives such as this 200GB Western Digital model, and 40 bit bulky, 2-inch pin cable broadband-like data connections and access to the necessary 5V power supply from the familiar 4-pin connect them. For these basic data cable driver has been unchanged for many years. A change is based on the ATA standards for use of 5, so that 80 wire cable on a 40-pin connector, used to better improve the signal quality (which is commonly known as 40-pin/80-wire cable). In order to improve computer systems at some of the manufacturers literally folded ribbon cable and video to that position when the air flow. Another recent physical change also said the arrival of round cables. The performance of the circular cable is equivalent to units of ribbon, but many people prefer the improved system provides air flow, easy to line management, radiator look and they come.

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